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The Vermont Workforce Development Board has established several committees and work groups to carry out specific work of the Board. Please refer to the committee and work group pages and the Board calendar for committee and work group meeting information.

Standing committees:

Agriculture Committee 

Career Pathways Committee

Health Care Workforce Strategic Plan Advisory Group

Hospitality and Retail Committee

Manufacturing Committee

Operating Committee

Policy Committee 

Relocation and Recruitment Committee

Training and Credentialing Committee 

Youth Committee


Strategic Plan working groups (2023):


     Workforce System Alignment

     Workforce Supports

     Workforce Education and Training

     Size and Quality of Workforce


     Limited-duration work groups:

​2020 WIOA State Plan Work Group (June 2019 - April 2020)

Training and Credentialing Work Group (August 2018 - May 2019)

S.135 Working Group (August 2017 - January 2018)


Ad hoc committees:

Ad Hoc State Plan Modification Committee (January - March 2018)

Ad Hoc American Job Center Certification Committee (June 2017, June 2018)