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2020 WIOA State Plan Work Group

The 2020 WIOA State Plan Work Group is a limited-duration work group charged with carrying out work relating to the 2020 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Unified State Plan for the State of Vermont.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting 1: August 6, 2019

Work Group Documents and Materials:

2020 WIOA State Plan Vision and Goals Recommendations (November 2019)

Work Group and Member Responsibilities

2018 WIOA State Plan for the State of Vermont

Required Elements of the WIOA State Plan

State Visions Research

State Goals Research

Work Group Members:

Chair: Ellen Kahler, Executive Director, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Kim Bushey, Program Services Director, Department of Corrections

Steven Dellinger-Pate, Principal, U-32 Middle & High School

Melissa Hersh, Owner, Answers Within, LLC

Tiffany Keune, Dean of Workforce Education, Community College of Vermont

Chris Loso, President and CEO, Loso's Professional Janitorial Services, Inc.

Greg Maguire, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc.