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Registered Apprenticeships

Vermont Registered Apprenticeship is an employer-sponsored training program that includes both supervised work experience and related instruction. There are nearly 700 active apprentices in Vermont in over 25 occupations.

Employers participate in Registered Apprenticeship by “sponsoring” individuals as apprentices. The employer sets a progressive wage scale, agrees to provide supervised on-the-job training, and helps financially support related instruction.

Interested in becoming an apprentice?

If you are currently employed:

  • Your employer should contact the Vermont Department of Labor's Apprenticeship Office at 802-828-5250. An Apprenticeship Field Representative will make an on-site visit to help develop the apprenticeship program.

If you are not currently employed:

For more information about Vermont Registered Apprenticeship, visit the Vermont Department of Labor's website or contact Cindy Robillard at