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2019 Regional Workforce Summits Report

In Act 189 of 2018, the Vermont Legislature charged the Vermont Workforce Development Board to work with the Department of Labor and other state agencies to conduct a stakeholder alignment, coordination, and engagement process to ensure better coordination and agreement around the State’s workforce vision and goals. The Board agreed on five activities to meet this charge, including conducting 12 regional workforce summits in 2019

In the spring of 2019, the Department of Labor solicited proposals for an organizational consultant to help the Board and Departmetn to create, coordinate, and deliver standardized training and facilitation for a series of Regional Workforce Summits to be held in each of 12 regions across Vermont. A proposal submitted collectively by Vermont’s Regional Development Corporations was selected and the Summits took place in October and November of 2019. This report encompasses the substantive account of these Summits, as provided to the Board and the Department by the Regional Development Corporations.